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Recognizes exceptional contributions to the field of electrophoresis, microfluidics, and related areas by an individual who is currently in the middle of their career.

2023 Recipient

Robbyn K. Anand

Robbyn K. Anand is the Suresh Faculty Fellow and Carlyle G. Caldwell Endowed Chair in Chemistry at Iowa State University. Her group has developed methods for circulating tumor cell analysis, electrokinetic enrichment and separation of chemical species within water-in-oil droplets, and more sensitive bioanalysis at arrays of wireless bipolar electrodes. Prof. Anand also founded the Midwest Retreat for Diversity in Chemistry - an annual event aimed at the retention of underrepresented groups in the chemical enterprise.

Robbyn Headshot Keo Square.jpg

Past Winners

2022  Aditya S. khair

2021  Nathan S. Swami

2020  Alexandra Ros

2019  Christopher J. Easley

2018  Michael Roper 

2017  R. Scot Martin 

2016  Amy E. Herr

2015  Adam T. Woolley 

2014  Kevin Dorfman

2013  Todd Squires

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