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AES Electrophoresis Society is a unique, non-profit, international organization founded to advance and promote electric field-mediated separations, manipulations, and related phenomena. The field of electrokinetics intersects microfluidics and microdevices, biotechnology, theoretical modeling, material synthesis, nanotechnology and many others. Electrophoretic technologies play a central role in scientific investigations in clinical, basic, and applied disciplines from life sciences through chemistry and physics, to engineering. Our goal is to promote excellence in electrokinetic technologies, thus improving the overall quality and sophistication of scientific research.

The AES Electrophoresis Society:

  1. Is dedicated to the development and refinement of electrokinetic and related technologies;

  2. Was formed to promote excellence, generate scientific knowledge, and engineer techniques;

  3. Facilitates collaboration and communication among members worldwide; and

  4. Enhances development of students and professionals

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