Art in Microfluidics

AES and AIP's Biomicrofluidics co-sponsored "Art in Microfluidics" competition. The winners of the Best image and Best video categories are listed below. The first place award for each category was $300 + $100 for conference travel/registration. Both Runners Up and Honorable Mentions were awarded $100 + $100 for conference/travel (also for each category).


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Best Image

"Miscarried Separation in
a SpiderChannel Microdevice"

Mario Saucedo (RIT)

Runner Up

"A Bacteria Flower"

Avanish Mishra (Purdue)

Honorable Mention

"Conductivity gradient-enhanced dielectrophoresis"

Ali Rohani (Virginia)


Best Video

"Dielectrophoretic patterning
of sickle cells"

Tayloria Adams (UC, Irvine)

Runner Up

"Dielectrophoretic profiles of cells created by Pt black threads"

Renny E. Fernandez (SMU)

Honorable Mention

"Convective PCR"

Aashish Priye (Sandia)

Biomicrofluidics Special Issue (Vol. 10, Issue 3) focused on 2015's annual meeting is available at: