AES's Annual Meeting co-chair, Shashi Murthy wins 2008 CAREER Award!

With this CAREER award, Shashi Murthy intends to study molecular-level phenomena at the surfaces of cells during separation processes in microfluidic devices. His laboratory's work in cell separation utilizes microchannels coated with various affinity ligands for applications ranging from medical diagnostics to cell purification for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. This project will examine how affinity-based cell separation processes in microfluidic devices are impacted by changes in receptor expression that may occur at the surfaces of cells as a result of ligand-receptor interactions and/or exposure to fluid shear forces. The project also has a significant educational component in which Murthy will organize an outreach program that will bring high-school students to laboratories at two Boston-area research hospitals to visit laboratories conducting research in tissue engineering, microfluidic diagnostics and angiogenesis.

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