AES Board Member Alexandra Ros Receives NSF CAREER Award

This year, AES board member Alexandra Ros is among the NSF CAREER awardees. The CAREER program is NSF’s most prestigious recognition for young faculty. An award from this program supports the early career development activities of young faculty with excellent research programs. It also assists their outreach activities integrating research and teaching.

Ros’ project is entitled “DNA Analysis Based on Dielectrophoresis”. She focuses on a fundamental study of dielectrophoresis applied to DNA and suggests to apply dielectrophoresis in bioanalytical applications. This research is driven by the increasing complexity of current analytical challenges demanding novel and efficient separation and purification techniques. For example, analyzing a large variety of biomolecules requires powerful separation and purification techniques, and these are often the limiting component in biochemical research such as in biomarker discovery, clinical diagnosis or single cell analysis. The separation and purification of novel macromolecular structures such as artificial DNA nano-assemblies is further essential for their successful nano-technological applications, such as for DNA computing, in photonic devices or in targeted diagnostics.

The outreach activities in this project involve a mentoring plan for female undergraduate and graduate chemistry students including individual mentoring activities, general activities as well as research opportunities.

Ros is Assistant Professor at Arizona State University and AES board member since 2010. She co-organized the AES annual meeting twice as well as a session at his year’s AES contribution to SciX.