Important information for ALL AES members!

Discounted registration fee for the 2013 Annual Meeting

As an AES member (membership cost $75) you are entitled to receive the member’s discounted registration rate for Annual AES-AICHE meeting. This means savings of $410 ($699 vs. $1109) with early registration for the full meeting. Grad student get to save $180. AES will email registration information to all AES members soon, all you need is your AES member number and a special promo-code issued for AES members.

Early registration for the Annual Meeting of the American Society ends September 22nd, 2013. Don’t forget to register by this date to receive the discounted early registration rate!

Become an AES member to receive these savings! Click here to register with AES.

Category Early Standard Onsite
(Ending 9/22/13) (Ending 10/30/13) (Starting 11/3/13)
Member Non-member Member Non-member Member Non-member
Full Meeting 699110977911898591269
Full Meeting & PD2M
Recording Bundle*
Full Meeting & ICE
Recording Bundle*
Emeritus AIChE
One Day Only 359539389569419599
Full Meeting 369549399579429609
Full Meeting & PD2M
Recording Bundle*
Full Meeting & ICE
Recording Bundle*
One Day Only 254314274334294354

For AES members to receive the member’s discounted registration rate, you need to register online:

See the registration screen below:

See the online registration screen below:

Online registration: this is the screen AFTER using the AES promo code. It
shows the charge as $699 (early bird rate for full registration).
It will show $369 for grad students by using the AES student promo code.
If you would like detailed registrations instructions, we have a step-by-step document,
please email

Thank you once again for your support of the AES Electrophoresis Society. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!


The AES Electrophoresis Society