AES Plenary Session
Monday, November 8th, 2010             Salon III of the SLC Hilton Center

Dr. Jonathan Posner
Arizona State University
Chemical Engineering
Electrokinetic Locomotion by Reaction Induced Charge Auto-Electrophoresis

(3:15 pm)
Dr. Bill Ristenpart
Food Science & Technology
Non-Coalescence of Oppositely Charged Drops

(3:45 pm)
Dr. Todd Squires
UC - Santa Barbara
Chemical Engineering Dept
Ion Conservation and its Consequences for Electro-Osmosis and Electrophoresis

(4:15 pm)
Dr. Chia Chang
University of Notre Dame
Chemical Engineering
A New Quantitative Molecular Detection Platform for Field Applications

(4:45 pm)
Dr. Anup Singh
Sandia National Labs
Biosystems Research
Studying Host-Pathogen Interactions with Single-Cell Resolution

(5:15 pm)