Officers and Council

The present Officers of The AES Electrophoresis Society, the continuing members of the Council, the new members and the dates they were elected to office are listed below.

The terms of the appointment as an Officer or Councillor of The AES Electrophoresis Society can be reviewed in article IV of The AES Electrophoresis Society: Constitution (revised) page of our website.

The list below reflects all decisions made during the 2015 AES Electrophoresis Society meeting and last elections in 2016.

Christa Hestekin
University of Arkansas
Department of Chemical Engineering
Fayetteville, AR
Mark Hayes
Arizona State University
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
PO Box 871604
Tempe, AZ 85287-1604
Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte
Executive Vice-President
Vice President
Clemson University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Clemson, SC
Lawrence I. Grossman
Wayne State University
School of Medicine
540 E. Canfield
Detroit, MI 48201, USA
Phil Beckett
GE Healthcare
800 Centennial Avenue
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Jaka Cemazar
Councilor & Webmaster
Virginia Tech
Electrical Engineering
Blacksburg, VA
Carlos Garcia
Clemson University
Department of Chemistry
Clemson, SC
Ben Hawkins
San Jose State University
Biomedical, Chemical and Materials Engineering Department
San Hose, CA
Mei He
Johnson Cancer Research Center
Biological and Agricultural Engineering Dept
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS
Ryan Kelly
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Instrument Development Laboratory
Richland, WA
Blanca Lapizco-Encinas
Biomedical Engineering Department
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY
Soumya Srivastava
University of Idaho
Department of Chemical Engineering
Moscow, ID
Stuart Williams
University of Louisville
Mechanical Engineering
Louisville, KY
Matt Hoelter
Executive Director
Kendrick Laboratories, Inc.
1202 Ann Street
Madison, WI
Nancy C. Kendrick
Newsletter Editor
Kendrick Laboratories, Inc.
Madison, WI
Victor Ugaz
Newsletter co-Editor, columnist
Texas A&M University
Department of Chemical Engineering
College Station, TX
Edgar Goluch
Newsletter co-Editor, columnist
Norheastern University
Chemical Engineering
Boston, MA
Alexandra Ros
FACSS Liason
Arizona State University
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Tempe, AZ.
Neil Ivory
Meeting Coordinator
Washington State University
School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
Pullman, WA