Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assist the President and/or fill in for the President as necessary. The Vice-President shall oversee annual meeting planning, lead workshop development, organization, and execution, and participate in committees as needed. He/she will also coordinate monthly communications to members.
Candidates for Vice-President

David Charlot

David Charlot is an entrepreneur and research scientist with a passion to advance microfludics, optical, and electrokinetics based techniques.

He is currently employed as a senior automation engineer at Ginkgo Bioworks in Boston, MA.

In his spare time he works on building modular and low-cost integrated high resolution optical-electrical systems able to run a wide variety of electrokinetic techniques.

David is interested in helping expand the engagement the AES Electrophoresis Society has with the entrepreneurial community, early career faculty, university students, and industry.

David hopes to implement focused branding and marketing initiatives to help increase engagement with the society.

David also hopes to implement two focused fundraising campaigns to that will provide revenue to the AES Society. The campaigns will focus on sustainability of the organization and creation of regional microfluidics hackathons / training seminars.