Councilor: This is a three-year position; two Councilor positions are open this year. The responsibilities of the position are to participate in all teleconferences (once per month), serve on one committee (sponsorship, membership, or ad-hoc), and contribute as needed based on individual contacts or ideas. Councilors are encouraged (but not required) to participate as meeting co-organizers.

Candidates statements are below, cast your votes here.

Candidates for Councilor

Sagnik Basuray

Sagnik Basuray is an associate professor in Chemical and Materials Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Prof Basuray would like to be considered for one of the open counselor positions in the AES Electrophoresis Society. He has been associated with AES since 2005, first as a graduate student, then as a postdoctoral researcher, and finally as faculty. During this time, he has chaired numerous sessions at AES, which was capped by co-chairing the 2019 AES Annual Meeting at Palm Springs, California. As part of the AES annual meeting, we (the chairs) started a new tradition of asking a graduate student, postdoctoral researcher, to co-chair the individual sessions. This was done to increase the involvement and ownership of doctoral and postdoctoral students in the American Electrophoresis Society. Prof. Basuray believes that graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are the gatekeepers of AES. His goal as a councilor in AES would be to promote more outreach to these groups to increase AES’s visibility. This could be done by promoting AES in tradeshows, LinkedIn, at other conferences, among others. Another way to increase participation would be by expanding AES’s scope by showcasing new and innovative technologies, startups that use electrokinetics as a fundamental technology. I would also like to develop outreach videos that promote electrokinetics to undergraduate and high school kids with my fellow AES members. Prof. Basuray strongly believes that AES has been a tremendous help with early career researchers, graduate students and will continue to do so in the near future.

Vincent Remcho

Prof. Vincent Remcho is at the Department of Chemistry at the Oregon State University. He is also the University Honors College Eminent Professor and Patricial Valian Reser Faculty Scholar at OSU. Prof. Remcho has been recognized with several national and international awards including A.A. Benedetti-Pichler Award, Oregon Scientist of the Year, Fellow of AAAS, and NSF Career Award. He is also the co-founder of many start-ups in the pacific northwest region. His research is focused on the design, fabrication, optimization and application of microscale devices for biomedical, chemical, biochemical, and environmental analysis. Prof. Remcho will be a great asset to the AES community and his experience will be very beneficial to the future generations.